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  1. Management & development

    1. Administrative zone

      News about the forum, its projects and the servers that belong to the community ; proposals related to the forum; questions/problems related to the forum/a server/your account.; as well as tutorials to make it easier browsing on this forum.

    2. Users zone

      Info about the given warnings and bans, useful guides and tutorials, complaints about the staff members and interactive contests organised by the administration members.

    3. Server support

      This category is dedicated to the affiliated servers of the community. Here you will receive free support from our staff members.

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  2. Online servers

    1. Discord STRiX   (20 visits to this link)

    2. Counter-Strike 1.6 - Servers Oficials

      The best Servers and the best staff are in the list below, The dedication and passion has made these servers to be in the Top of gaming in Romania. The STRIX community will help you with everything you need to set up servers and find a capable staff

  3. Gaming

    1. Help

      If you encounter any problems playing on a dedicated server or you have a question about any type of game, open a topic in this section.

    2. Gaming news

      News: a journalistic genre that presents the current reality, which puts it in a communicable form, then transmitted by means of modern techniques of mass dissemination.


  4. General category

    1. Design

      The design is a word of English origin which is pronounced [pron. di-Zain] and that means drawing, design (design), draft (design). Using the term in the free drawing (art) is forced and therefore not recommended.

    2. Thematic discussions and socializing

      The discussions between community members about topics that do not fit in the other sections, questionnaires, various curiosities and news everyday.

    3. Multimedia & technology

      News, tutorials in gaming, games and discussions about various problems that occur on a dedicated server or any other type of game; latest songs, anime, movies and series; tutorials, news and more IT related.


  5. Archive

    1. Archive

      Old or useless topics are moved to the archive. Everything is kept, we may need one of them in the future.

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